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I was born in Glasgow Scotland and  lived in England till my early teenage years, then my family and I moved to America, we started out in Katonah in Westchester County and I went to John Jay School.


I got my first job with horses when I was 15, turning out horses and mucking stalls, not long after I that took my first full time position at High Court Farm in North Salem, I groomed for Kathy McWilliams who is still training horses today, 

I continued as a groom for quite some time, moving around a bit from barn to barn, learning alot while becoming more and more fascinated with dressage, I was lucky enough to work for some amazing trainers back then like Debra Wiedmaier and Gary Rockwell, who taught me so much.


After a while I decided to persue my other passion in life which was music, so I moved to Los Angeles and ended up being there for almost 18 years, I produced and recorded alot of records and eventually moved fulltime into the film industry,  I worked in audio post production at Universal Pictures for almost seven years and Fotokem Inc for six years, an excellent career for sure, but I missed the horses as they were only in my life part time.

Special thanks to Carin Bannos and Margareta Broekman for getting me in the saddle and teaching me so much.


I moved back to NY to take a job with Debra Wiedmaier as her assistant and Stable Manager which was fantastic, but health issues forced me to resign my position with her and find a new path in life.


Its amazing to me that all the things I have done in my life have all come together to form what I do now, I get to use my technical and artistic experience and I am able to be around the horses and the sport we all love so much, I may not ride anymore, or participate in the physical part of caring and managing horses, but I am so very grateful for my life... the people in it and for the possibilities and adventures yet to come :)


Special thanks to my Family, Debra, Francine, Tom & Beth, Donna,

Ted & Karen and all my fabulous friends.


Your encouragement and faith mean everything to me!

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